Since 2018, the activities of the Orbis Agro division are focused on trading incereals. Today, the suppliers of the grain for Orbis Agro are the largest agricultural enterprises, small and private farms of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Along with this, the activities of the division are focused on the construction and development of greenhouses. Today, Orbis Agro is building a greenhouse complex in Western Kazakhstan oblast with an area of 11.8 hectares of modern greenhouses. The total area of the farm is 16.65 hectares.

The construction of the greenhouse complex takes into account the advanced world experience and is carried out according to the latest Dutch technologies. Agrocomplex is focused on the cultivation of high-quality agricultural vegetables. Estimated production of more than 80,000 tons of vegetables per year. Production of the greenhouse complex is focused on the all-season satisfaction of the needs of the West Kazakhstan market, as well as on the export of vegetables to the Russian Federation.