Orbis Oilfield is the first largest business unit of the Orbis Kazakhstan group of companies, providing services to key sectors of the Kazakhstan economy. The division's activities are aimed at providing services in the field of oilfield services and petrochemicals, operational leasing of vehicles and services for the formation of an integrated system of hiring and personnel management.

"AksaiGasService" JSC

“AksaiGasService” JSC was established in 1998. The company operates in the West Kazakhstan region and provides high-level services in the Karachaganak field:

  • construction and maintenance of the pipeline and wells;
  • construction and inspection of tanks and pressure installations;
  • chemicals supply and storage;
  • provision of warehouses and offices rental services.

"Autodom" LLP

Since 2001, the company "Autodom" LLP provides services in the field of operational leasing of vehicles throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Due to the recruitment of unique assets in the company, innovative solutions, rich experience and highly qualified staff, customers of "Autodom" LLP are guaranteed high quality services in matters of long-term vehicle rental and fleet management.

Today, the company's fleet consists of more than 1,000 units of light vehicles, passenger, freight, commercial and specialized transport, the company has more than 1,300 highly qualified specialists. "Autodom" LLP has its own maintenance bases in almost all regions of Kazakhstan, the entire vehicle fleet of the company is under warranty service in high-quality specialized Toyota service stations.

"Autodom" LLP provides a wide range of related and ancillary services in the process of using vehicles, including: providing highly professional drivers, developing a strategy for daily fleet management, maintenance, innovative products and solutions, providing a fuel program, an auto assistance program on the roads, as well as providing the most complete reporting on the management of the fleet.

Customers of "Autodom" LLP are the largest industrial enterprises and oilfield services companies: Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V., North Caspian Operating Company N.V., Schlumberger, Chevron and many others.

“E – drivetech Eurasia” LLP

The company “E – drivetech Eurasia” LLP specializes in the development and provision of technological solutions for fleet management. Founded in 2013.

Specialists of "E - drivetech Eurasia" LLP in partnership with international colleagues from Israel, E-Drive Technology, have developed an innovative vehicle fleet management product. The product meets the conditions of the local market and fully meets the needs of Kazakhstan and international companies operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The flagship product of "E – drivetech Eurasia" LLP is aimed at optimizing business processes for fleet management, increases efficiency and reduces risks when solving complex business problems by combining effective technological solutions and tools.

Today, the product of “E – drivetech Eurasia” LLP is in demand and is successfully used in the work of Kazakhstan and international companies, organizations and industrial enterprises: Karachaganak Petroleum OperatingB.V., North Caspian Operating Company N.V., Japan Tabacco International, AirAstana, Maersk Oil Kazakhstan, Isker and many others.

"North Caspian Recruitment Company" LLP

"North Caspian Recruitment Company" LLP is a company providing search, selection, evaluation and recruitment services. Founded in 2014.

Today representative offices of "North Caspian Recruitment Company" LLP are open in the cities of Astana, Atyrau, Aktau and Uralsk. The company occupies a unique position in the market of recruitment agencies thanks to an extensive database of more than 20,000 resumes of local and foreign personnel with a wide range of professions and levels of qualifications.

Along with the main activity of "North Caspian Recruitment Company" LLP provides a range of related services: personnel consulting and auditing, coaching and training, development and motivation of personnel, out staffing and leasing of personnel, manpower and headhunting and others.

"North Caspian Recruitment Company" LLP is trusted by the largest industrial enterprises and multinational companies: Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV, North Caspian Operating Company NV, Schlumberger, Ersai, Chevron, AksayGasService JSC and others.