Orbis Trading carries out its activities in the following areas: distribution of consumer goods, launching, managing and developing a network of restaurants, as well as providing services for the organization of industrial nutrition centers at industrial enterprises, construction sites and any other objects in accordance with their specifics.

“Orbis Distribution” LLP

The company was founded in 2018 with the aim of distributing consumer goods. Today “Orbis Disribution” LLP offers a wide range of consumer goods from the largest Japanese manufacturer, Daio Paper Corporation. The company serves the largest retail outlets in the central cities of Kazakhstan.

“Fast Food chain” LLP

“Fast Food chain” LLP is engaged in the launch, management and development of a network of fast food restaurants. Currently, the company represents 3 branches of premium BBQ Burger in the largest shopping and entertainment centers of the southern capital: Forum Almaty, TSUM, MEGA Almaty.

“Restaurant chain” LLP

The company carries out the launch, management and development of a network of restaurants of Italian cuisine. So the first project of "Restaurant chain" LLP was the restaurant of modern and traditional Italian cuisine in Almaty – Capriccio, opened in 2018.